Courier Solutions expects all of its employees to comply with the law and act ethically in all matters.

We would like to be associated with suppliers/ third parties with the same expectations and our Code of Business Conduct sets the basic standards for all our beliefs. With our being together as an entity, we can achieve great success by doing the right thing.

Our Credo

“We believe our first responsibility is to the customers that matter so much each day for us to open our doors!”

Every Staff Member’s Responsibility

It is every staff member’s responsibility to ensure our customers leave our premises happy, with the mind of needing to visit again sooner never mind who served them. Our company does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises concerns over our service delivery or assists with any investigation of what sort.

Conflicts of Interest

Courier Solutions employees should be acting in the best interest of the Company. Therefore, accordingly, employees should have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with any supplier/ competitor that might conflict, or appear to conflict, with the employee’s obligation to act in the best interest of Courier Solutions. In this regard, suppliers/ competitors should not employ or otherwise make payments to any employee of Courier Solutions during the course of any transaction between the supplier and the Company. Employees/ suppliers should take care that any personal relationship is not used to influence Courier Solutions’ judgement over any transaction or cut into the Company’s interests. Should a supplier/ competitor employee be a family relation (spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, child, grandchild, mother or father-in-law, or same or opposite sex domestic partner) to an employee of Courier Solutions, or if the supplier / competitor has any other relationship with an employee of Courier Solutions that might represent a conflict of interest, the supplier should disclose this fact to Courier Solutions or ensure the Courier Solutions employee does so.

Protecting Information

Suppliers/ third parties must protect the confidential information for Courier Solutions. Any of them who has been given access to confidential information as part of the business relationship should not share this information with anyone unless authorized to do so by Courier Solutions. Should any party feel they have been given access to our confidential information in error, they must immediately notify their contacts with Courier Solutions and refrain from further distribution of the information. We also reiterate that any one should not share confidential information related to any other company with Courier Solutions if the  that person is in contractual agreement with them if they do not have legal obligation or authority to do so.


Courier Solutions does not condone bribery at all costs.  Suppliers or third parties acting on behalf of Courier Solutions must comply with the Botswana rules and regulations and act against corrupt practices dealing with bribery wherever and whenever having transactions with Courier Solutions. Suppliers must keep a written accounting of all payments (including gifts, meals, entertainment or anything else of value) made on behalf of Courier Solutions, or out of funds provided by Courier Solutions. Suppliers or third parties must furnish a copy of the accounting to Courier Solutions upon request.

Gifts, Meals and Entertainment

Courier Solutions employees are prohibited from accepting anything more than modest gifts, meals and entertainment from suppliers. Ordinary business meals and small tokens of appreciation such as gift baskets at holiday times, birthdays are generally fine, yet we remain resolute that suppliers must avoid offering our employees travel, frequent meals or expensive gifts. In general, gifts/ presents have to be declared by the receiver through our HR department for transparency and for records’ sake.

Business and Financial Records

Our Company has comprehensive policies, procedures and required training that help employees comply with laws and regulations. As a Company, we keep accurate records of all matters related to our stakeholders and the Company. Proper recording of all expenses and payments, employees time records, supplier records as well as all clientele records pertaining to our operations.

Reporting Potential Misconduct

Suppliers/ members of the public who believe that a certain employee for Courier Solutions or anyone acting on our behalf has engaged in illegal or otherwise improper conduct, should report the matter to the Company. We have our HR department which handles our Ethics & Compliance issues or call the Courier Solutions lines then ask to the HR Manager for reporting. We guarantee that no one’s identity will be revealed. Courier Solutions will not be affected by an honest report of potential misconduct and we promise that when found guilty, the person will be disciplined accordingly.